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Articles Courtesy of Deborah Walker, CCMC

Certified Career Management Coach 

Deborah Walker, President of Alpha Advantage, Inc., is a nationally respected career coach with extensive experience as a former headhunter and corporate recruiter.  Her clients include top executives at Pepsi, Ford, Motorola, Target, Sun Microsystems and AT&T.

Her resume and career advice is featured on more than 3,000 websites and published in professional association newsletters nationwide, including theAmerican Marketing Association, APICS, National Black MBA, and Women in Technology International.

Making Resume Critiques Work for you

You’re anticipating a career change, and it has been a while since your last job search. How do you know if your resume good enough? A resume critique is a good way to find out.

Do You Know the ABC's of Career Change

Knowing the basics of career change can make it a much easier process.

What's YOUR Weakest Link?

Learn how to analyze your job-search skills and strategies to avoid costly delays.

Road Map for Long-Distance Job Searches

Looking to relocate your career? Read shortcuts to a quicker job search.

Ten Signs of Job Dissatisfaction: Don't Ignore Them!

How do you know when it’s time to start looking for greener career pastures? Read and find out!

Baby Boomers Beware! Don't Let Your Resume Date You!

Can't seem to get past the first interview?  Learn to avoid the major interview boo-boos that keep you out of the running for the best jobs.

Avoid the Top 5 Resume Mistakes

If you have the feeling your resume is doing you more harm than may be right! 

The Warning Signs of Career Disaster

Can you read the signs of impending career doom?  Don't get caught in career crisis. 

Are Headhunters Calling you...or Ignoring you?

Ex-headhunter tells all.  Learn the tricks of working effectively with recruiters.

Win Your Next Job With 3 Essential Interview Skills

Learn skills to optimize your interview opportunities.  Don't blow your most important interviews!!

Practice Career Management to Avoid Career Crisis

Don't allow economic circumstances to dictate your career growth.  Take control of your career with career management strategies.

What's a Career Coach?

Are your job-search skills sharper than your competition?  Find out what a career coach can do to shorten your job search.

Getting Past the Screener and on to the Interview

Got the feeling that you are being screened out unfairly?  Find out how to overcome the screening obstacles.

Job-Search King of the Hill

Tired of being at the bottom of the candidate pile?  Learn competitive strategies that help you win your next job quicker.

Regain Your Job-Search Optimism

Is your job search in a slump due to a pessimistic attitude?  Learn three tips for rebuilding a positive job-search outlook.